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Cross-Border QR Payment

Users in Thailand can now use their mobile payment apps to scan DuitNow QR to make payments to merchants in Malaysia.
Public Bank is the first bank to enable the DuitNow QR cross border service. Find out more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does cross border QR payments happen in real-time?

Yes, it allows payers and merchants to make and receive payments instantly.

How does cross border QR payments work?

Once the linkage between 2 countries (e.g. Thailand and Malaysia) enabled, users from these linked countries will be able to make payments or purchases abroad by scanning a QR using their own Mobile Banking or eWallets.

What does this mean to Malaysians?

As a consumer - You may scan a local QR (e.g. Thailand - PromptQR) using your Malaysian Mobile Banking or eWallets to make payments (to be enabled in Q4 2021) As a business - You may accept payments from a foreign visitor via DuitNow QR

The service will first be offered by CIMB Thai Bank where their customers may scan Malaysia Public Bank's DuitNow QR. More payment service providers are expected to participate in offering this service, thus broadening the network of users and merchants.